The Part-time Program: Overview

The Part-time Program meets once or twice a week at the student's convenient time slot: Evenings and Saturdays. Various classes are offered, such as Daily Conversation, Business Conversation, News in Japanese, JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) Preparation, etc.

Term 3 months (9 to10 weeks)
Starting Month of Each Term January, April, July, and October (Admission to the program may be made at any time during the term until classes reach their maximum enrollment.)
Days/week 1 or 2 days per week
Courses Evening and Saturday
Who Business people, embassy staff, corporate trainees, expatriate families and other adult foreigners
Level From elementary (those who have no Japanese study experience) to highly advanced (those who have passed JLPT N1/BJT J1 or with higher Japanese proficiency)
Tuition fee 54,000 yen to 81,000 yen (including consumption tax)
(There is no admission fee.)
Material fee 1,980 yen to 4,400 yen

Tuition / Fees

Term System

Each term runs 3 months (10 weeks), making it a 4-term academic year. You may enroll in any term. Also, the admission to the classes may be made at any time during the term until they reach their maximum enrollment. The tuition will be prorated according to the number of remaining lessons.

Winter Term(Jan. – Mar.)、Spring Term(Apr. – Jun.)Summer Term (Jul. – Sept.)、Fall Term (Oct. – Dec.)

Course Schedules

Class information, such as level, instructor(s), dates & time, tuition, etc., is listed by course (Evening and Saturday).

Click here to see the details of the classes.

Application Information

JLI Part-time Program Class Policy


Various level classes are offered, from very elementary (those who have no experience studying Japanese) to highly advanced (those who passed JLPT N1 or higher).

Yardstick (by JLPT grade)

  1. Highly AdvancedN1 passing level(those who passed JLI interview test )
  2. AdvancedN1 applying level or higher
  3. Intermediate 2N2 passing leve
  4. Intermediate 1N2 applying level
  5. Pre-Intermediate 2N3 passing level
  6. Pre-Intermediate 1N4 passing level
  7. Basic 2N5 passing level
  8. Basic 1From the very beginners to N5 applying level

Yardstick of JLPT grades

From the JLPT official website

There are 5 levels, from N1 to N5.

  1. N1 or overThe ability to understand Japanese used in a variety of circumstances.
  2. N2The ability to understand Japanese used in everyday situations, and in a variety of circumstances to a certain degree.
  3. N3The ability to understand Japanese used in everyday situations to a certain degree.
  4. N4The ability to understand basic Japanese.
  5. N5The ability to understand some basic Japanese.

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