The Part-time Program: Application Information

Deadline for Application (Fall 2020)

Application Deadline Course / Class
Oct. 13th, Tue. Early Morning, Morning, Evening, Saturday Courses
Oct 21th, Wed. Afternoon Course

Early Bird Discount Campaign!

2,000 yen will be discounted if you sign up by October 3rd. This discount is applicable to students who register for the whole term. This campaign does not apply to JLPT classes.

Application procedures, from consultation through class assignment

Free Consultation→Application, Tuition Payment→Application, Tuition Payment→Class Starts

Free Consultation→
Application, Tuition Payment→
Course Material Purchase→
Class Starts

Free Consultation

In applying, first make an appointment and visit us for consultation.

We will ask you your history of Japanese learning, current proficiency level, JLPT standing, study objective, etc. We will determine your class based on the information.

Hours: Mon. through Thu.: 9:00 – 19:30/Fri.: 9:00 – 17:00

Application, Tuition Payment

Fill out the Application Form and submit it to the JLI, then pay the tuition. You can make the payment either by bank transfer or in person at the front counter.

The Part-time Program Application FormPDF Download The Part-time Program Application FormExcel Download

Affix your recent picture (4cm×3cm) to the Application Form.

[Bank Information]
Account Number: Ordinary Savings Account No. 2618244
Recipient: International Education Center / Kokusai Kyouiku Shinkoukai

First enter 'JLI' and then your name in the remitter's box. You will be responsible for the transfer fee, if any.

Course Material Purchase

For those classes that use a textbook,

you may purchase it at the JLI counter between the day after the application deadline and the first day of the term.

If your class uses printed handouts,

you will be charged for the sum of your tuition and the materials when you make the tuition payment.

Class Starts

We will post the classrooms for the classes in the first floor lobby on the start date.

Please note that for a given class to run ('fly'), it will need a minimum of 2 or 5 enrollees. Therefore, an offered class may not necessarily open ('no-fly'). We will reimburse you in full in such a case.

Discounts and Reduced Tuition for Incomplete Attendance

The Discount System (for those who sign up for the full number of lessons)

  1. A former student of NICHIBEI → Automatically eligible for a ¥2,000 discount
  2. A new student who enrolls in more than one class → Automatically eligible for a ¥2,000 discount from the second class on

* Those who take the Afternoon Course in Japanese classes in the Regular Program are not eligible for the above discounts.

Reduced Tuition for Incomplete Attendance

If, at the time of application, you know in advance which lessons you will be missing and make a request for tuition reduction accordingly, we arrange for a special reduced tuition for incomplete attendance, prorating it in accordance with the actual number of class sessions you will be taking.

* Note that, once you have made such a request, you may not change the dates or make an addition with regard to the to-be-missed lessons. Your request at the time of registration stays. Thus if you should miss a lesson on top of those about which you had originally specified (i.e., the to-be-missed lessons), we do not offer you a replacement class session or a refund for it.

Joining in Midstream・Changing Classes

Joining in Midstream

If there is seating available for a given class, you may enroll in midstream. The tuition will be prorated according to the number of remaining lessons.

Changing Classes

As a matter of principle, switching programs, courses or classes is only permitted once per semester and on condition that the JLI deems the student’s Japanese proficiency on a par with the requested class’s level and that there is extra seating available in it. Those wishing to switch classes shall apply either by phone, e-mail or in person at the counter. If and when the class change is approved, the student is to submit required forms.

Settling the Tuition Balance upon Class Change

In case of overpayment: When the tuition balance for the remainder of the present class exceeds that for the remainder of the requested class, we will refund you that amount.

In case of underpayment: When the tuition balance for the remainder of the present class falls short of that for the remainder of the requested class, you make up the balance.

Dropping a Class

When such request is made by 17:00 on the day preceding the start date (not counting the weekends, national holidays or the School holidays):

Upon receiving your request in writing, we will refund you the entire tuition.

When such request is made after 17:00 on the day preceding the start date:

Upon receiving your written request on the JLI official form, we will refund you the balance for the remainder of the semester, deducting the tuition for the class sessions already taken (total tuition divided by the total number of sessions, multiplied by the number of sessions taken) from the total tuition paid.
* For refund purposes, the JLI will treat all requests made by 17:00 on any given day as submitted that day; any request made after 17:00 will be regarded as submitted the following day.

Refund for Tuition

As a rule, we refund the applicant/student in person at the JLI counter. Please make sure to bring an ID (e.g., the resident card, passport or valid driver’s license).

Refund for Materials

We only buy back undamaged and unused materials. The JLI respectfully reserves the right to make a determination on the matter.

* Even if you have not attended any class sessions between the start date and the day of your class change application or class drop request, we will regard you as having taken those sessions, in so far as they did take place.

The Part-time Program Overview

Contact Us

  • 03-3359-9600
  • Reception Hours: Mon.-Thu. 9:00-19:30 / Fri.-Sat. 9:00-17:00
  • 3minute walk from Yotsuya Station
  • 1-6-2 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 160-0004 Nearest Station Yotsuya Station JR Chuo and Sobu Lines/Subway Marunouchi and Namboku Lines

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