Regular Program: Tuition / Fees

Time of Payment and Breakdown

Depending on the student’s time frame and visa status, the Program is split into a「2-year General Course」 and a「Short-term Course」.

Up to 2019 Summer Term

Time of Payment Payment Breakdown General Course Short-term Course
Upon applying Selection fee 20,000 yen
Upon admission Admission fee 30,000 yen 30,000 yen
Tuition fee 394,000 yen /First 2 terms 195,000 yen /term
After classes start Material fee 4,000-10,000 yen /term

From 2019 Fall Term

Time of Payment Payment Breakdown General Course Short-term Course
Upon applying Selection fee 30,000 yen
Upon admission Admission fee 40,000 yen 40,000 yen
Tuition fee 398,000 yen /First 2 terms
Total for 1 year: 796,000 yen
Total for 2 years: 1,592,000 yen
199,000 yen /term
After classes start Material fee 4,000-10,000 yen /term

Method of payment

You can pay on site at the JLI window, or deposit it in or transfer it to our bank account.

1. The JLI window

Payment must be made in cash in Japanese yen. We do not accept foreign currencies, credit cards, electronic money, traveler’s cheques, etc.

Reception hours:
Monday – Thursday 9:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
* Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, as well as Year-end and New Year

2. Bank deposit / money transfer

We will notify the applicant or the financial sponsor of our bank account for deposit or transfer purposes at a later date.

  • ※Please deposit/transfer in Japanese yen.
  • ※The applicant is to burden the cost for deposit/transfer. Please note that, in the case of a money transfer from abroad, the receiving Japanese bank may also charge a fee, in addition to the local bank of origin. (Check with your local bank at the time of transfer.)

Refund Policy

1. Admission fee and tuition

The remitted admission fee and the tuition will not be refunded in the event that the applicant decides to withdraw application, go on leave, or drop out. However, if there was an extenuating circumstance under which the applicant/student had to withdraw, drop out, etc., under duress, such as illness of oneself or of a family member, part of the tuition will be reimbursed from the week following the emergence of the circumstance (if no verifying document is submitted by the date of the emergence, counting is to begin from the date of document submission), calculated on a weekly basis. In such a case, a verifying document (e.g., a medical report or a job offer) must be furnished. Refunds will also be made to applicants for the 2-year General Course under the following circumstances.

  1. When entering the country is impossible due to failure to obtain a passport or visa:
    We will refund the admission fee and the pre-paid tuition upon receipt of the applicant’s letter of admission and the Certificate of Eligibility. The applicant is to burden the shipping and handling costs. JLI will then return the Certificate of Eligibility to the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau.
  2. When the application for extending the study period on the Eligibility has been denied:
    We will refund the tuition for the period (s) that the applicant will be unable to attend.

2. Selection processing fee (for the 2-year General Course only)

No refund will be made, even if the selection process results in non-admission.

3. Material fee

No refund will be made for the materials under any circumstances.

Referral Policy and tuition fee reduction for limited-time enrollments.

1. Referral Policy

When a past or current Nichibei student* refers a new student to the Regular Program;

  • QUO Card worth 3,000JPY is given to the referrer
  • QUO Card worth 3,000JPY is also given to the referee

*Nichibei student= a past or current student who has studied at Nichibei Japanese Language Institute (Regular, Part-time Programs or private lessons) or Nichibei Kaiwa Gakuin (English Programs).

*Delivery of the QUO Card is only within Japan (at the office or by post).
*Please notify the office if you are eligible to apply for the Referral Policy.

2. Reduced Tuition for Incomplete Attendance (For Short-term Course Only)

If, at the time of application, you know in advance which lessons you will be missing and make a request for tuition reduction accordingly, we arrange for a special reduced tuition for incomplete attendance, prorating it in accordance with the actual period of class sessions you will be taking. It will be calculated on a weekly basis.

  • * There are detailed rules for discount and reduce tuition. Please contact the JLI office for further information.

The Regular Program Overview

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  • 5-min. walk fr. Yotsuya Stn.
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