Practical and Business Japanese Classes in a multi-cultural Environment

Why the Japanese Language Insitute?


50 Years of History and Achievements

The Japanese Language Institute (JLI) was founded in 1967.
Since then, more than 9,000 people from 90 countries and regions have been studying at our school.

Students' Comments and Life after JLI

We share the comments from students who have taken or finished each program of the Japanese Language Institute.
Many students have been active in various fields at home and abroad after finishing our programs.

Original textbooks written by our instructors

Original textbooks written by our instructors are used in the classes of each program.

3-minute walk from the nearest station Convenient Location

The Japanese Language Institute is located in Yotsuya, Shinjuku, at the center of Tokyo.
The nearest station, Yotsuya Station, has multiple lines, including the JR Chuo and Sobu Lines, Tokyo Metro Marunouchi and Namboku Lines, making it extremely accessible.

3 Programs at our school

  • Regular Program5 days a week
  • Part-time Program(1-2 days a week)
  • Private Lessons(As needed)
  • Regular Program(5 days a week)

    Meeting 5 days a week (9:00 a.m. - 12:20 p.m.), the Regular Program offers an opportunity for intensive Japanese learning with immediate business and practical application. Those who will apply for a student visa will be enrolled in the "2-Year General Course", and those who will obtain other visa will be enrolled in the "Short-term Course".
    (Please contact us for more information.)
  • Part-time Program(1-2 days a week)

    The Part-time program is a 90-180 minute course, once or twice a week, at the students' convenience.
    We have courses for busy working people, such as foreign businesspeople, who work full-time, to study after work or on weekends.
    We offer various classes, such as: business conversation, daily conversation, and JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) preparation, etc.
  • Private Lessons(As needed)

    We develop lesson plans with you in mind, including the purpose of your learning, period, timeframe, number of people, etc.
    Custom tailored to the various needs of the students,
    The Private and Semi-Private Lessons will offer specialized tutoring in areas such as: business conversation, daily life converstaion, e-mail writing, presentation, Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) preparations, etc. The level will range from basic to highly advanced.

3 styles to choose from




  • In consideration of hygiene, in addition to antiviral coating, the building is ventilated more than 4 times an hour.
    A large-screen TV is installed in each classroom, and practical practices such as presentations are also conducted by connecting to laptops.

  • Regular Program, Part-time Program and Private lessons are available online.

    Students have taken classes not only in Japan but also from all over the world.

  • We will dispatch an instructor to your office. We will propose a lesson plan that suits your company's request by one-on-one private lessons, group lessons from 2 people, seminar sytle for 10 people or more.


  • 韓国在住の方へ ソウル代理店
  • 外国人による日本語弁論大会

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03-3359-9600 03-3359-9600
Office hours: Mon-Thu: 9:00-19:30 / Fri: 9:00-17:00
3F Global Study Square, COMORE YOTSUYA
1-6-2 Yotsuya, Shinjuku, Tokyo
JR Chuo and Sobu Lines/Tokyo Metro's Marunouchi and Namboku Lines
3-minute walk from Yotsuya Staion
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