"NIHONGO EXPRESS" Basic Level Textbook for Business Japanese Now on Sale! (Developed by the Japanese Language Institute, Published by Ask Publishing)

The "NIHONGO EXPRESS" textbook comes in two books intended for beginners: Basic 1 contains 16 lessons, while Basic 2 has 22 lessons. The textbooks are now IN USE in our classes!

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Textbook Contents

  • The textbook tells the story of a foreign trainee at a large trading house.
  • The textbook provides rich illustrations to help beginning students understand the context of model conversations. It also includes plenty of conversation practice that highlights natural Japanese speech.
  • During our lessons, students drill the textbook's oral exercises in a manner similar to how athletes practice a technique until it becomes a muscle memory. This thorough repetition ensures that the right Japanese words come to the students' minds instantly during a conversation.
  • The textbook also supports students in studying at home by including a CD-ROM that contains model conversations and grammar explanations along with English translations. The CD-ROM contains the equivalent of seven audio CDs.
  • Using these textbooks, our basic class aims to give students the conversation skills that they need to communicate smoothly in business situations.

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